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Welcome to GL513 Github Pages.


About GL»

Hello, my name is Gavin, also known as GL, and GL513 in online communitites.
I've been a huge tech geek since I was 5, and I still am, helping others with their projects, such as KeyMapper by sds100.
I hope that one day I can develop my own apps, like KeyMapper, or Shortcut Maker, especially since I literally always try to make things better :)
I also have an awesome community of friends, like Jambler, Noah, A.K.A. OKprogrammer, and dreamweaver, Trollserver, and alot more people.

Pages will be updated soon. Currently still a WIP...


Getting Started»

Running miners on computers is easy. Not so much on compact devices, like a mobile phone. If you have a high end phone, running a miner overnight might pay off, sparing you a few pennies.

To mine on your android phone, you will need the application Termux, and a wallet address, which you can get by joining the Raptoreum Discord or by using the official wallet appplication for Windows, Linux, and MacOS, developed by the Core Devs themselves. After insuring you have a wallet, open Termux and do:

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y && apt-get install git -y && git clone && mv cpuminer-in-termux/ ~/ && ls && chmod +x && ./

This will automatically install ubuntu in termux. When prompted, type in n and press enter. After Ubuntu is done downloading, you will see a window that says "Nano". Press "END", then navigate using the arrows and delete the part that says [ENTER YOUR ADDRESS HERE] and paste your own address into that section.

Now, do chmod +x && ./ and let it run. Afterward, when you see blue text, do "CTRL + c" to exit.

Using the quick start scripts»

When starting Termux, just run ./, and then ./, and you should now be mining to your own address.
Cheers, Raptors!

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